Sep. 6th, 2011

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Just got back from Dragon*Con. After an inauspicious start (we almost didn't make it to the hotel-- the taxi driver hit a canyon (calling it a pothole is totally inadequate) across the road and the rear of the van actually got stuck. He had to back down the very steep hill and try and maneuver around the edge. I had visions of our having to get out and walk the rest of the way, hauling our luggage. :-( And then when we got to the hotel they had screwed up our reservations and put the three of us in a room that was barely big enough for two. The look on the check-in clerk's face was priceless ("All of you are going to be in this room?"). One queen bed and fire regulations precluded putting in a rollaway (no room for one, anyway). So I ended up sleeping six nights in the chair. We had a very obliging housekeeping person who supplied lots of pillows and bedding, and I fortunately have no problems sleeping sitting up, unlike either of my friends, so it actually wasn't horrendous, but still... For $190.00 a night, it's not what you expect.), it was lots of fun, but v.v.v. crowded (big surprise there, huh?). I went to a couple of panels about The Hobbit (interesting but nothing really new) and answered seven trivia questions at the One table and won a lovely map of New Zealand with filming locations marked on it. And I bought a really neat t-shirt with "If you can read this, I found your ring" written in Tengwar-style letters.

Now I just have to try and catch up with a week of LJ and e- and snail mail (mostly bills, that). Am pooped.


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