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Wishing dear [personal profile] lbilover the happiest of birthdays, with all the hobbits, white stags, whippets, Mounties, oblivious widowers, pool boys, angelic ex-garbagemen (and their adoring accountants), photographers and their empathical models, FrodoandSam and SeanandElijah you could ever wish for.
I nagged the Muse until she came up with this.

"Oh do hurry, Sam! You know that we shan't want to be late."
"Now, you just cease that frettin', Frodo-love. I reckon we have plenty of time yet afore things get started."
"But I want to look things over and make certain that everything's ready; that nothing's been left out..."
"And how many times have you already checked things? I know you, Frodo Baggins, and I'd be fair 'mazed if you've not been down there a time or three already. You're acting like a faunt afore his first Yule, you are."
Frodo blushed slightly. "I suppose I am, at that. But you needn't sound so superior about it, Samwise Gamgee. You want things to be perfect just as much as I do."
"Ah, you have me there, m'dear. Let's fetch Huan and be off, then."
Hand in hand the two hobbits started down the Hill, Huan running eagerly alongside, and stopped to look over the splendor of the Party Field. "It looks right nigh as splendid as it did for Mr. Bilbo's Party, doesn't it?"
"Yes, Sam-love, it does. Which is only right, after all. We both owe her so very much. Oh! Look! There's the finishing touch."
Sam looked where Frodo was pointing to see a group of busy hobbits putting up a gorgeously printed banner reading Happy Birthday, Ellen! "Now all we need is the guest of honor and the day will be perfect."
Then, seeing a slender dark-haired woman coming up the Road, "And here she comes!"


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