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Deep thanks to dear [ profile] lbilover for the lovely postcard from Hobbiton. I'm with you, Ellen. I could happily spend hours just staring at Bag Eng and environs and imagining what Frodo and Sam or even Sean and Elijah could be doing there. *sighs happily*
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A recreation of a Christmas card fic (to the best of my recollection, since I didn't keep a copy of the original, having written it on a piece of scrap paper which has long since been recycled) posted at [ profile] lbilover's suggestion.

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dear [ profile] lbilover for the gorgeous card and the beautiful Frodo/Sam calendar. My dolls are definitely going to be agitating to get off their display stands and have adventures of their own!
And on a related (sort of) holiday note-- as part of our holiday decorations at work one of the staff makes paper stockings for each staff member, decorated with an interest of theirs. Mine has a picture of a hobbit labeled Frodo (actually, it's Bilbo from the animated Hobbit, but, hey, their heart was in the right place) :D
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It is the end of the world as we know it. Our director has decided to close early (at 4:00) due to the increasingly crappy conditions.
I must be hallucinating. Or in an alternate universe.
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gacked from [ profile] shirebound

O come all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant;
O come ye, o come ye
To Frodo'n'Sam.

O Come All Ye Faithful
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :
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Wishing the happiest of birthdays to dear [ profile] lbilover who enriches us all with her marvelous fics and pics and creativity and sheer genius-ness. May you have a year filled with F/S and S/E goodness and empty of orc-ish neighbors and all other woes. (((((hugs)))))
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My sister is going for surgery later today. She fell off a chair last month and, in avoiding the cat who came to watch, managed to fracture her spine. She's having five vertebrae fused, followed by a brace and lots of physical therapy. (She says the brace is like being in storm trooper armor). Any positive thoughts or good vibes that you happen to have to spare would be appreciated.
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One of our circulation clerks gave me a book, saying that we'd had two complaints about it (she wasn't sure if it was the same patron both times, but considering the complaint I'd guess that it was). There was a note taped to the front of the book saying "There is absolutely no reason to cover up the author's picture." So I look for the cover-up; there's a small photo of the author on the inside back flap and the tape that we use to attach the dust jacket to the book overlapped the top of the photo by a smidgen (it covered most of her hat and a little of her forehead. ??!!? So in the interests of patron happiness, I peeled up the end of the tape and trimmed off the offending piece. Some people really need to get a life.
And on the children's room front...
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I was walking to work this morning and I her a voice going "Hi, librarian." I look around and see some guy that I've never seen before (to the best of my recollection) and he stars walking behind me and talking to me. Just general conversation stuff, and he asked me how long I've been at the library, and I tell him 27 years (as of Tuesday) and he gives me some line about how I must have started right out of high school and I said no. Then somebody driving by called out to him and I went on alone. But it made me think-- I've been working here over half of my life. A sobering thought, that.
And now for the continuing saga of our children's room...
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Someone (I'm guessing our director) posted this on our staff Wiki:

Favorite new patron comment -- submitted in our suggestion box. Printing looks to be an early-elementary school child. Comment:
"Your a good library because you have a good paraket."

(we have a parakeet in the Children's Room)
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Okay, so it's not as high in the frabjousness scale as paying off the mortgage, but I'll take my feelings of achievement wherever I can scrounge them--they've been few and far between this year. Anyhow, I have finally bestirred myelf and gotten internet access at home. yay!!

My friend E and I went to our first s-f con of the year this past weekend (second overall if you count the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention last month, but that's much more a working event for authors to do publicity and aspiring authors to hook up with agents, editors, etc. Booksellers and librarians are definitely favored guests here--we have special tracks of programming and get many extra goodies...I came home with over 100 free books (not that all of them are anything that I want to read, but I'm sure that I'll find some keepers in there). Had a lovely time sleeping in and filking and shopping in the Dealer's Room and the Art Show. I actually bought a couple of hobbity prints--one of a lane with a sign post with the distances to Waymeet, Tuckborough, Bywater, and Hobbiton and the other a close-up of Bag End's front door knob reflecting the path leading up to the door and part of the yard. Now I just have to find places to hang them. They're much too good to join all my other prints under the spare bed. You can see them at the artist's --Reflections of the Shire and There and back again under "fantasy prints." (someday I'll learn how to link to things). I may have to get the one called The study as well.
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I just cataloged a book with a title that I think many of us can relate to--"Last snow" by Eric Van Lustbader. Our closest reporting station just said that we've already had the snowiest February on record and it's obviously not over yet!
And continuing on the shoddy workmanship of our recent construction (after yet another roof leak last November-- I got a call from the Fire Department at 4 a.m. saying "There's an alarm. How soon can you get there?"), some of the gutters pulled away from the roof, leading to icicles breaking through a window in the children's room. The window peoples' comment--"They should have put heat tape in those gutters." Gee...ya think?
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Happy birthday to [Bad username or site: @]! May your day (and year) be filled with Sean/Elijah goodness!
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She wanted to know if I'd cataloged any of them--and actually, I have. "Pride and prejudice and zombies" (plus its companion volume "Sense and Sensibility and sea monsters"). Some of the others are just plain scary to contemplate.

And on a positive note, the leaking anti-freeze may have been a false alarm. I've certainly seen nothing under the car since he mentioned it. Maybe crud just got washed off the undercarriage by the snow and dripped as the snow melted. I'll still keep an eye on it, though.
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An e-mail from my sister:

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And 4-6 inches, my butt! We've got at least a foot (which I know is nothing compared to the east coast, but still...) They hadn't plowed my street, so I got stuck multiple times. It took almost half an hour for two neighbors pushing and shoveling to help me get back into the driveway. The director had to come and pick me up to get me to work. And in the process, something must have gotten scraped because the neighbor said that I was leaking anti-freeze. Grrrrr. I should send the director the bill.
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you are darkgreen

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Your outlook on life is slightly darker than most people's. You try to see things for what they are and face situations honestly. You'd rather get to the point than look for what's good.
the html color quiz

Actually, I 'spose that this isn't too far off, although--be a leader? Not by choice. I much prefer to hide in the background.
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Your result for The Improved Book Character-Savvy Test...


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OK, so obviously I read a lot *g* But cataloging books, etc. for a living probably doesn't hurt, either.
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